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Founded in 1990, EP Aeration focuses directly on providing solutions to water quality problems across a wide spectrum of markets including golf courses, resorts, municipalities, agriculture, food and beverage processing, and commercial and residential developments.

In the golf industry we specialize in algae control, water clarity, odor removal, and general water quality improvement for golf course ponds and irrigation reservoirs. We achieve this with high efficiency sub-surface aeration and in some cases a combination of beneficial bacteria and or pond dyes.

We also draw on technical and engineering expertise from a number of corporate associates. These range from our ozone equipment manufacturers, who design and build equipment to our specifications, to engineering and design firms, who specialize in certain types of water features or water treatment systems. If EP Aeration doesn’t have the complete answer to an unusual or complex problem, we have the resources within our professional network to find it.

Quality, efficiency, and achieving our client satisfaction are the driving forces behind every system we design. Steeped in a strong environmental ethic, we pride ourselves on reducing, and in most cases, eliminating reliance on chemicals to treat water quality problems.

Richard Dennis, President and General Manager has extensive experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of sub-surface aeration and ozone systems for a variety of applications. As a graduate of the Natural Resources Management department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he also has a background in land management and biological systems. He applies this background as a value added by providing land management recommendations to improve water quality beyond the capabilities of our systems alone.

With EP Aeration you get:

  • The highest quality compressors and air/ozone delivery systems.
  • Diffusers and diffuser tubing with highest oxygen transfer and mixing rates
  • Systems made in the USA
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Access to a full line of pond water treatment supplements
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